Grant Me Prayer Plaque

Grant Me Prayer Plaque

Grant Me Prayer Plaque


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This prayer plaque is a great gift for any individual or couple. Personalize with a name and date or custom message. This plaque comes in various sizes to fit in any home, office, room, or lobby. Great for any occasion.

Prayer provided reads

O Lord, Grant us your Strength, so we will have Courage in ever situation. Grant us your Love, So we will Never Give Up on anyone. Grant us your Mercy, So we will Forgive those who have hurt us. Grant us your Peace So we will Find the Best in everyone. Grant us your Hope So we will Never Give Up. Grant us your Joy So we will be Thankful for all of our blessings. And grant us your Grace So You will Always be at our side. Amen.

Choose to use Us or Me for an individual or a couple.

Contact us to create your own personalized prayer plaque to include any custom prayer for no additional cost.

Item Dimensions:
This Plaque is Available in Seven Sizes
5"W x 7"H - $19.99
6"W x 8"H - $23.99
7"W x 9"H - $29.99
8"W x 10"H - $34.99
9"W x 12"H - $39.99


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Dimensions: See Description

Material: Alder Wood